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Uni Klinger (UKL) Thermodynamic Steam Traps

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Steam has two components:

1.The latent heat useful in process for Heat transfer and
2.The Sensible heat in the form of condensate having only the heat content not
useful in process, rather hindering heat transfer and causing damage to piping
equipment due to its presence. Hence, there is need to remove condensate and
trapped steam.

The Thermodynamic Trap works on the principle of difference in the velocities of
Steam and Condensate. Used mainly on Drip lines of the main steam distribution
line, uses condensate pressure to open the trap and discharge the condensate
and then the Flash steam formed due to the high flash steam velocity &
accumulation of flash steam over disc, Device close and trap the live steam when
it appears.
Thermodynamic Steam Trap are compact and lightweight and discharge
condensate as and when it is formed.

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