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Jamesbury Quadra-Powr Spring Diaphragm Rotary Actuator QPX4C/M

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Manufacturer: Jamesbury
Actuator Series: QPX, Spring Diaphragm Rotary Actuator
Manufacturer: Jamesbury
Actuator Series: Valv-Powr, QPX Series
Actuator Type: Diaphragm
Diaphragm Size: 387 cm2 / 60 sq.in
Material : Carbon Steel
Exterior Protection Coating :Anodized PTFE-Coated 
Operation: Spring to Close
Temperature Rating: -29 °C to +66 °C / (-20° to +150 °F)
Model : QPX4C/M
Torque output @ 4.1 Bar:- 311 Nm
Spring return torque : 271 Nm
Weight : 53 kg 

For further details, kindly refer to technical sheet.