Gas Barrier Fluid 3NC-FF (CM81G)
Gas Barrier Fluid 3NC-FF (CM81G)

Gas Barrier Fluid 3NC-FF (CM81G)

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Double DGS For Pump
Double arrangement seals with face to face configuration and compact axial dimension. 3NC-FF of API682 Arrangement 3.

• Face to Face
• Non-contact Operation
• Static Compensation Ring Design, Applicable in High Speed Rotation.
• Nitrogen as Separation Gas, Hardly Maintenance
• No Torch Required, Simple Control Panel
• Zero Leakage, a Trace of Nitrogen into The Pump

General Flush Plan
• PLAN74

• API682
• JB/T11289

• Light hydrocarbon, aromatics, ethylene oxide, methanol and other pumps in petrochemical and coal chemical industries
• Other rotating equipments

Lead time: 6-8 weeks