Caterpillar Barrier
Caterpillar Barrier
Caterpillar Barrier
Caterpillar Barrier
Caterpillar Barrier

Caterpillar Barrier

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Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Model: Barrier
Material: Non-Conductive Plastic 
Gender: Unisex

Features & Benefits

  • Machinery inspired detail to temples
  • Durable stainless steel chassis
  • Precision laser engraved logo
  • Integrated side shield
  • Shatterproof PC side shield
  • Fully adjustable acetate tips
  • Silicone anti-slip nose pads
    **Please upload your Prescription at the Prescription Tab
    **Once your order is processed please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be delivered

    Guaranteed against manufacturing faults for the life of the prescription, Cat RX
    safety eyewear is a better value and safer investment than repeated purchases of
    throwaway specs over the same time period. It’s a fact that spectacle wearers are
    already in the habit of caring for their optical frames.

    Three polycarbonate side shield options have been specially designed to offer
    both lateral and upper protection. No shield type uses rivets so the overall effect
    is as streamlined and ‘invisible’ as possible. Because they cannot be removed
    after the frame is glazed there is no risk of being unprotected when wearing the

    Option 1: Integrated side shields are permanently built-in to the frame at the
    point of manufacture.

    Option 2: Snap-lock side shields arrive separate to the frame, but on glazing the
    side shield is permanently locked to the frame.

    Option 3: Removable side shield can be taken off after work.

    Meeting the legislation means ensuring frames are worn at all times, so it helps
    to choose stylish frames that you enjoy wearing. Catering for the bigger eyesize
    (up to 58) each frame is constructed from robust construction materials with
    industrial Cat signature details.

    Each optical frame is CE marked and meets and exceeds the following
    international standards for safety:

    • BS EN 166
    • ANSI Z87.1:2003
    • CSA Z94.3:2007
    • BSEN 1811 Nickel Release
    • BSEN 12870 General Standards for Opthalmic Frames

      Please follow the steps below to purchase our safety glasses:

      Step 1: Get your FREE eye test from our Panel Optic.
      Step 2: Contact our Live Support Chat to inquire nearest Panel Optic location.
      Step 3: Upload the eyes test result in Prescription Tab or you can fill the
                  prescription form on the product page.
      Step 4: Choose your favorite Frame Colour, Lens Option and Type of Lens
      variation on product page.
      Step 5: Click Pre-order button to submit your order and make payment to
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