Single Cartridge Mechanical Seal 1CW-FL

Single Cartridge Mechanical Seal 1CW-FL

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Single Cartridge Mechanical Seal
Type  A seal of arrangement 1 of AP1682. It is a multi-spring seal  with a wide range of
application and is the first choice for general  condition services. The core components
of the seal are modular-designed  and have many derivative models. A close-clearance
bushing(floating-type) can be selected. The model is changed to CM6b  when the coils
springs are replaced by a wave spring, which is more  suitable for services with a small
amount of solids.

• Balanced
• Multi Spring
• Cartridge
• Spring Rotating Type
• Lug Drive

• API682
• JB/T4127.1

• Process Pump
• Other Rotating Equipment

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