Klinger Reflex Level Gauge
Klinger Reflex Level Gauge

Klinger Reflex Level Gauge

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Reading the liquid level in the gauge glass is performed by the naked eye, which
is why it is important that the material is transparent, making the liquid level is
visible. Reflex systems are based on reflecting light from a specially designed
surface on the glass. In a gas or vapor phase, the light is 100% reflected off the
prismatic grooves, whereas in the liquid phase, the light is absorbed, which to the
eye will appear as a dark indication of the level.

Facts of Reflex Level Gauge

  1. Direct view of the fluid level
  2. More economic solution for fluid level checking
  3. Easy maintenance and very long service life
  4. Suitable for steam media up to 120 bar and process media up to 250 bar
  5. Different refraction behaviour with liquid and gas (or steam)

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