Klinger Magnetic Level Gauge
Klinger Magnetic Level Gauge

Klinger Magnetic Level Gauge

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A measuring chamber designed as a parallel tube is placed on the outside of the
tank with the level to be measured. A magnetic float is placed in the measuring
chamber. This will follow the liquid’s surface so that the tank contents become
visualized, by allowing the magnet to affect the roller scale mounted outside of
the measuring chamber. The float’s position thus appears on the outside of the
pipe, on a scale roller, typically via a color change. Bypass systems are available
in lengths from 150mm up to 25.000mm, and can be equipped with external
switches and transmitters.

Facts of Magnetic Level Gauge

  1. 360-degree rotatable display
  2. Alert functions
  3. Maintenance-free
  4. Compact design
  5. Automatic float warning

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