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SAFE-SB High Level Harmless Disinfectant 10L (KKM Approved)

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Brand: Safe-SB
Volume: 10L

• Active ingredients recommended by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) & National Environment Agency Singapore (NEA).
• Alcohol and solvent free, ideal for fogging buildings.
• Non-toxic, safe to use even around patients.
• Kill List Viruses :
HIV, Caliciviruses (for Norovirus, Norwalk virus), Hepatitis B virus, Adenovirus,
Herpes virus Type 1 & 2, Influenza virus Type A, Vaccinia virus, Feline Leukaemia viruses,
Respiratory Syncytial virus, Rubella virus and
coronaviruses such as Infectious Bronchitis virus
• KKM Approved (NOT200603862K)


High Level Harmless Disinfectant is ideal for disinfecting floors, walls, table-tops, door handles, hand railings, lift button panels, plant and kitchen equipment, toilets and all hard surfaces in homes, hotels, hospitals, train stations, offices, schools, factories and all private and public areas.