The Klinger Group has been recognized as the market leader in gaskets and sealing for over a century. Their research and development laboratories have investigated over 250 different fibre forms in the search for asbestos free alternatives. The search has resulted in a range of high quality and high performance asbestos free materials that have been proven in service. 


Organic fibres bound with NBR
Universal gasket material for general applications. Good chemical resistance against water and oil.

Max operating temperature: 200 ℃
Max operating pressure: 50 bar

Non-asbestos fibre
3XA Anti-Stick coating on both sides aids flange separation. This removes the need for application of grease, or sealants which may cause gasket failure.

Max operating temperature: 300 ℃
Max operating pressure: 50 bar

Aramid fibres bounded with NBR
Resistance to oils,water, steam, gases, salt solutions, fuels, alcohol organic & inorganic acids, hydrocarbon, lubricant and refrigerants.

Max operating temperature: 400 ℃
Max operating pressure: 100 bar