Packaging Requirements







External or internal wooden supports are prohibited



Ensure the pack density is maximized


The maximum unit load height must not exceed 1100 mm for standard sea container and 1250mm for high cube sea container


Pyramid or incomplete packs are unacceptable
Overhang pallets are unacceptable
Single stack is unacceptable

Special Packaging

Packaging Box


International Symbols




Fragile, Handle with care


The symbol should be applied to easily broken cargoes. Cargoes marked with this symbol should be handled carefully and should never be tipped over or slung.


Use no hooks


Any other kind of point load should also be avoided with cargoes marked with this symbol. The symbol does not automatically prohibit the use of the plate hooks used for handling bagged cargo.




The package must always be transported, handled and stored in such a way that the arrows always point upwards. Rolling, swinging, severe tipping or tumbling or other such handling must be avoided. The cargo need not, however, be stored "on top".


Keep away from heat (solar radiation)



Compliance with the symbol is best achieved if the cargo is kept under the coolest possible conditions. In any event, it must be kept away from additional sources of heat. It may be appropriate to enquire whether prevailing or anticipated temperatures may be harmful. This label should also be used for goods, such as butter and chocolate, which anybody knows should not be exposed to heat, in order to prevent losses.


Sling here


The symbol indicates merely where the cargo should be slung, but not the method of lifting. If the symbols are applied equidistant from the middle or centre of gravity, the package will hang level if the slings are of identical length. If this is not the case, the slinging equipment must be shortened on one side.


Keep dry


Cargoes bearing this symbol must be protected from excessive humidity and must accordingly be stored under cover. If particularly large or bulky packages cannot be stored in warehouses or sheds, they must be carefully covered with tarpaulins.


Centre of gravity


This symbol is intended to provide a clear indication of the position of the centre of gravity. To be meaningful, this symbol should only be used where the centre of gravity is not central. The meaning is unambiguous if the symbol is applied onto two upright surfaces at right angles to each other.

No hand truck here



The absence of this symbol on packages amounts to permission to use a hand truck on them.

Stacking limitation


The maximum stacking load must be stated as "... kg max.” Since such marking is sensible only on packages with little loading capacity, cargo bearing this symbol should be stowed in the uppermost layer.